Director's Message

Connect today, Transform tomorrow
       It´s not just our mission. It´s our wish for you...

Greetings Alumni!!!

We use the term passing out when a student completes his degree, leaves the institute and becomes an alumnus. But we all know our hearts and minds never leave our Alma Mater, no matter where we are.

It´s a matter of great pride that JGI has grown tremendously in its first decade and I am confident that it will continue to improve its growth in the coming years as well. The prime objective of the Alumni of JGI is to maintain a communicative link between the college and its alumni, encourage and foster its life long participation, involvement and commitment.

Over the next several months and years it will be our major goal to strengthen the bond between the college and our alumni, to create programs which match the interests and needs of the alumni, to maintain and build upon the positive relationships we have with our more seasoned alumni and to increase the participation, involvement, and communication with our younger alumni.

We recognize, acknowledge, and embrace our alumni as vital stakeholders for their non-peril contribution in the growth and development of the college. Therefore, we encourage all the alumni members to participate in and support the programs, services, and numerous campus activities organized time and again both on and off the campus. We want each alumnus to be an ambassador of JGI in his respective field and assist in the recruitment of students and lending support to its programs via his time, talent, and corporate relations.

We expect the alumni to stay connected with us and their classmates through various channels available and participate in our events and programs on a regular basis and also help JGI in fulfilling its mission, to providing quality education to the masses.

Er. Navneet Agarwal
Director- JGI