Jodhpur Chapter

AAJ local chapter, the Jodhpur Chapter inaugurated by Er. Navneet Agarwal (Director, JGI) in the year 2008. This chapter was aimed at connecting all the JGI alumni in Jodhpur-Pali-Ahmedabad region. This chapter benefits the most as it is in the direct vicinity of JGI campus. Local chapter to include information on regional activities and organisations, and aim to provide information on funding, job opportunities, as well as helpful tips for newcomers to the area.

Enticing alumni to remain involved at the local level once they move thousands of miles away from their alma mater is no easy task. Newsletters and mailings only go so far to broadcast a message outwardly and require continually current physical contact information to be effective. The solution rests with local chapters, connecting with members in an engaging environment. The missing piece is a comprehensive web strategy specifically designed to increase activity on the local level and help that chapter grow.

Mr. Biplabh Gupta
(Chapter Coordinator)

Mobile: +91-86969-06443